About Us

We believe everyone should have easy access to healthcare
within their community

About Us

We are driven by diversity and inclusion.

Bloom Health Tech is an innovative technology and research company focused on solving challenges within the health space using offline and online technology, we collect & analyse data as well as produce solutions based on research, cutting edge technology and innovation. We also provide expert consultancy to governments, businesses and non-governmental agencies.

We believe everyone should have easy access to healthcare within their community hence we create simple and smart solutions

As a leading industry innovator, Bloom health tech is always poised to create exciting and stress-free solutions based on research, that are scalable in both urban & rural communities while focusing on human centred designs.

Core Values

We take pride
in our company's core values


We are founded on the drive to always learn. With updated data & experimentation, we are always on top gear to new and improved solutions.


We assign teams to tasks. This makes us successful because teamwork encourages communication and the flow of ideas. Our innovativeness is heightened in team settings.


Our employees are engaged when they feel like their work is making an impact. Thus, we build our company culture around finding meaning and making an impact through our work.


Our job is saturated with confidential information. Therefore trust amongst our employees and customers is essential to our success.


Cardinal Features of Our Solutions

We have a diverse work environment which fuels our passion for constant innovation and collaboration

Designed to Scale

Achieving scale is a goal that is uncompromisable in our solutions development

User Friendly

Easy-to-use, Easy-to-operate, Easy-to-understand.

Built For Sustainability

Our Balancing Act meets current human needs and aspirations.


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