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The Problem

There are over a million hiv/aids related deaths annually.

HIV/AIDS is a major public health concern and cause of death in many parts of Africa. There are over a million HIV/AIDS related deaths annually. Statistics shows that most people affected with HIV/AIDS do not know where to go to for their antiretroviral therapy services in their locality, while those who have knowledge of it sometimes tend to forget to go for their therapy as well as counselling sessions. Reasons are drawn largely from ignorance, negligence and forgetfulness due to nature of business or economic activities (especially the market women and their market days). Some other problems faced by those affected by HIV/AIDS include:

  • Low levels of access to antiretroviral treatment
  • Low level of follow up on patients
  • Poor Reminder
  • Poor Surveillance
  • Poor Supply chain management of ARV drugs

Its user friendly & non-internet dependent

ENGAGE is an automated prompt and management system for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa powered by USSD, SMS and Voice Technology. ENGAGE also provides healthcare centers in both urban & rural areas inventory management services for ARV drugs via USSD technology.

Know More


  • Its non-internet/data dependent
  • With our USSD platform, people can register for ARV routine checkups.
  • Patients receive automatic notifications for their next ARV treatment.
  • With the USSD service, agencies in charge of HIV/AIDS control can have an accurate data of the number of distributed HIV/AIDS test kits within a particular locality, number of people tested as well as the number of people who tested positive at the various centers.
  • Hospitals can manage inventory using our USSD service. Development partners can also view inventory log real time.
  • Health workers can confirm actual ART stage using uniqueidentifier.
  • With our USSD platform, International Development partners will have an accurate data of persons affected/living with HIV/AIDs within a particular locality.
  • Our platform is designed to automatically enroll for IVR service with options of selecting any language of their choice {English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo& Pidgin} simply by registering with our USSD platform
  • Engage enables HIV/AIDs patients locate the ARV centerclosest to them.
  • We also provide the location of the closest counselling centers for those affected.
  • Hospitals can maintain & update their contact details using the Engage

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