Tracking your way out of COVID-19

The Problem

COVID-19 cases top 10 000 in Africa

Corona Virus is a major public health concern and cause of death in many parts of world, Africa inclusive. Globally, the number of confirmed cases and death rises sporadically on a daily basis.Sequel to the continuous spread of the Covid 19 some of the challenges encountered by people spans through the following:

  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Reporting
  • Proper dissemination of information
  • Mapping

Hence, we designed an innovative technological solution to strengthen the response for Covid 19 in Nigeria thereby giving room for safety, healthy practice etc. However, our solution can be replicated in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia & South Africa.

We understand that, accessibility to the internet and ability to purchase data is generally a major challenge across Africa, therefore its imperative to solve challenges within Africa with smart and scalable solutions that are powered majorly by offline technology.


We Want To Be Part Of The Solution

TRAKA is an automated offline & Online platform designed to assist people as well as the government during the Corona Virus Pandemic.Traka is user friendly and leverages on offline technology for data collection. It can be programmed to any language English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish etc.

Traka will be addressing the challenges associated with the following:

  • Proper dissemination of information
  • Lifestyle adjustment
  • Reporting
  • Mapping of affected areas {Local & Global Digital Maps}
  • Creating a link between people, the state & the National centre for disease control
  • Locating healthcare facilities closest to them

Technologies to be used:

  • USSD Technology
  • SMS
  • Web Application
  • Whatsapp

Our solution is designed to constantly update people on the recent developments in each of the states in Nigeria, provide a seamless offline & Online platform for reporting suspected cases, as well as realise the following;


We Make Impacts With Our Passion

Our solution will induce the following impact:

  • Our solution will reduce the increasing panic in the nation, thereby constantly giving regular updates free of charge on how people can protect themselves according to WHO standards.
  • Proper dissemination of Information
  • Accurate Mapping of the Corona Virus In the 36 states
  • Free access to Medical Personnel's in different states
  • Quick, Efficient & Discreet reporting channel for suspected Covid19 Cases
  • Easy access to healthcare facilities/isolation centres closest to you
  • Accurate monitoring and evaluation tool for the government.


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